NextGen Leadership Award

On September 20, 2010, Lisa Aronin received JUF’s NextGen Leadership Award, in recognition of her extensive service to the community. The theme of Lisa’s acceptance speech was leading by personal example.

“Children learn important values related to giving time and money from their parents. So, it is important to me to ‘walk the walk’. I want to make sure that my children (volunteer) with their children as my parents did with me… I feel fortunate that I am able to show my three daughters that giving back to the community is a responsibility — and that we should embrace the opportunity to make the world a better place.”

The JUF gives help and hope to the most vulnerable through a network of local agencies and programs, transforming the lives of 500,000 Chicagoans of all faiths and at every stage of life.

To help raise funds for the JUF and its humanitarian assistance mission, Lisa Aronin has served as a Director on the JUF Young Women’s Board for seven years. Other JUF roles have included co-chair of the YWB Leadership Development program and Vice President of Campaigns.