The Aronin Family Foundation supports innovative community-building initiatives, focused on economic development, neighborhood revitalization, and expanding access to the arts.



While all economic development is important for communities, The Aronin Foundation’s particular focus is empowering entrepreneurs to innovate and attract ‘patient’ venture capital, as a means to create jobs and revitalize neighborhoods.


Parks provide health and well-being opportunities which are universally accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and incomes. In underserved communities, recreation programs provide a refuge for at-risk youth and improve the safety of the community.

The Aronin Foundation supports park recreation and restoration programs which act as a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization.


Artists and arts organizations help to illuminate societal problems and are often catalysts for social justice and equality. To foster culturally vibrant, equitable, and sustainable communities, stewardship efforts are required to reach new audiences with arts and cultural experiences that champion inclusion, diversity, and equity.

The Aronin Family Foundation supports arts access initiatives which are as creative and innovative as the art itself. We seek to bridge the arts opportunity gap, so that children and low-income communities have the same access as others to participate frequently in art and cultural life.

The Aronin Family Foundation supports arts access initiatives which are as creative and innovative as the art itself.

Grantee Highlight

World Business Chicago

World Business Chicago is a public-private, non-profit partnership that drives inclusive economic growth and job creation, supports business, and promotes Chicago as a leading global city.

Jeff Aronin is a member of the World Business Chicago’s board of directors and executive committee.

In conjunction with World Business Chicago, The Aronin Foundation supports:

  • ChicagoNext:  A dedicated effort to drive growth and opportunity in Chicago’s technology community, by helping to attract venture capital, recruit and retain technology talent, partner with industry to foster innovation, and empower marginalized communities through entrepreneurship
  • Chicago Venture Summit:  Hosted by influential venture capitalists and angel investors, the annual summit connects Chicago entrepreneurs with venture funding.