The Aronin Family Foundation is a catalyst for medical innovation.  We support accelerator programs for healthcare entrepreneurs, transformational medical research, and patient groups which seek treatments for rare diseases.


The Aronin Family Foundation is a catalyst for education innovation.  We support programs which explore new technologies and methods to help students reach their full potential, through differentiated learning, expanded access, and mentoring.


The Aronin Family Foundation is a catalyst for innovative approaches to neighborhood revitalization and economic growth.

 “Challenges which others have deemed unsolvable are the problems we are solving.”  
— Jeffrey S. Aronin

Venture Philanthropy

Built on the principles of venture capital investing, our approach to grantmaking consists of partner identification, innovation planning, investment, and advising.

We provide ‘seed money’ and expertise for philanthropic projects which test innovative solutions that could exponentially improve outcomes. We partner with non-profit leaders who are visionary in their aspirations, entrepreneurial in their problem-solving, agile in their course corrections, and rigorous in their value metrics.

Return on Philanthropic Capital is measured in terms of quality of life improvements, accounting for the number of people impacted and the degree to which their lives are positively transformed.

Note: Due to the nature of our partner-identification process, we do not accept unsolicited grant applications.

Jeff Aronin, launching MATTER


Philanthropy, like technology, depends on innovation to achieve its most profound impact.  The Aronin Family Foundation accelerates progress through transformational change. We deploy grants imaginatively, to help overcome fundamental problems in healthcare, education, and community development. Our participation helps grantees refine their vision, improve their techniques, and grow their capacity.